Our Programs

Our Programs

We work to achieve our mission through the following programs:

  • Bereavement Support of women and men who have experienced the loss of a pregnancy or infant. We provide free monthly peer-led support groups in various locations in Ontario, one-on-one support via e-mail and phone, online support, a bereavement resource lending library, and many other services.
  • Donating special keepsake miscarriage boxes to bereaved parents and to hospitals to provide to bereaved families to create special memories.
  • Donating seeds from our seeds to grow project to both bereaved parents and hospitals to provide to bereaved families.
  • Monthly daytime and evening support meetings for parents with food and refreshments provided.
  • Additional free services provided:
    • A number of individual or group sessions with an alternative therapist.
    • A number of sessions with a more specialized therapist that may not be available through the health care system
    • Spa days
    • Mini holiday to recoup.
    • Hypnotherapists
    • reflexologists
    • acupuncturists
    • cognitive behavioural therapists
    • specialists who specialize in relaxing facials, massages etc.
  • Burial Assistance to low-income parents who have lost a baby but cannot afford the cost of a burial or cremation. Referrals for this program come to us from local hospitals. Please contact us for more information.
  • Outreach and Educational Programs for Professionals to raise awareness among medical and other professionals of the effects of pregnancy and infant loss on families. By fostering discussion between bereaved patients/clients and professionals, we help professionals gain insight into the experiences of those who have lost a baby.

Our Future:

2015-2017 Strategic Plan

You Will Be In My Heart is a brand new organization and the first of its kind, we are looking for  volunteers to help us grow and stretch across all provinces in Canada.  We are an organization now working to meet the needs of bereaved women and men, and their caregivers. Even more growth is just in front of us. To ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our community as we grow, and to ensure that we move forward in a deliberate and thoughtful fashion, we embarked on a strategic planning process.

Over the course of this planning process, we mapped out a three-year strategic plan, covering the years 2015-2017. We identified five strategic priorities that will guide our work for these three years, ensuring that we are able to provide high-quality services to more and more people every year, for years to come:

  • Program Development and Expansion: Expand the depth and breadth of our programming for women and men in who grieve the loss of a pregnancy or infant.
  • Public Awareness: Improve the community’s awareness of our programs and of the impact of pregnancy and infant loss on families.
  • Volunteer Development: Strengthen our volunteer corps through recruitment, training, team-building, and recognition.
  • Board Development: Ensure high-quality governance throughout our future.
  • Fundraising: Support our programs through long-term financial planning.

We welcome your interest, advice, and assistance as we work toward achieving the goals in our plan. Together, we can help all families who have experienced the terrible loss of a pregnancy or infant.