Dedications and Thank You’s!

Posted Tuesday June 02, 2015 by anna

Dedications and Thank You’s!

This is dedicated to our angel baby that we lost in January 8,2014 whom we love and miss each and everyday.  We know you are with us everyday and will YOU WILL BE IN OUR HEART forever!  We will bring awareness to all on this cause and come together so no one has to feel alone.

I would like to give a very special thank you to Nathaniel Kamyab.  No words can express my gratitude to you for putting this website together and for all your hard work and relentless hours in volunteering your time to spread our cause to mother’s, father’s and families affected by the tragedy all around the world.  You took my vision and went beyond everything i had thought or dreamed of to make this blossom and we are so blessed to have you.  Thank you!

Thank you so very much to Wajeda Shaikh, social worker for maternal child and rehab at Markham Stouffville Hospital for all of your assistance and knowledge in bringing together the vision we had to help all mother’s and families of infant loss.  I know that together we will make a difference and having your support just makes it so special.  Thank you!

A special thanks to everyone for your time and volunteering and may we continue to work together to bring awareness and support to all in this cause.  Your selflessness will always be rewarded!

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