Our Story

Posted Tuesday May 19, 2015 by admin

Our Story

Anniversary dates are a given each year. Some are great dates to remember and some are sad-nonetheless they are still remembered!

Our particular anniversary date that stands out for my husband and I is January 8, 2014. This is the anniversary date of our miscarriage, a day that changed us forever, a day that changed our outlook on life forever, a day we will never forget. I remember that day so vividly it is as though I live it every day. I dream about it at night and I have thoughts about it during the day. I lost my baby when I was 8 week pregnant and a piece of my heart left me. I know my angel baby is in heaven and looking down on us and is always with us and in our hearts, but forever we will have a piece of us missing.

Everyone handles the memory of a loss by marking it in some way and we are now starting to mark it by sending out a gift to those who buy. There is no need to feel alone and go through each anniversary with such sorrow for those dates. We can share our sadness and happiness and start memories and keepsakes that last forever.

We continued our journey in trying to conceive and were blessed with our rainbow baby on November 14, 2014. We love and cherish her and wonder how it would have all played out if we didn’t lose our angel baby, but we could not imagine life without our rainbow baby. She is a little sister to our older daughter who is our sunshine baby, a beautiful baby to her parents, and a ray of sunshine that has been brought upon us through all the darkness and clouds. Share with one another and share with all both the good and the bad memories.

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