coping with grief

Posted Tuesday May 19, 2015 by admin

coping with grief

Following the loss of a baby is difficult on parents and families. Life is hard after a tragedy as such. Nothing can take the pain of losing a child and nothing will ever be the same. Even just stepping out of the house is painful as you are constantly reminded of being pregnant and having babies as there are mothers and babies everywhere. Such days can be anxiety and depression and feelings of emptiness.

We hope to be able to offer parents strategies for coping with grief, help for couples and families and offer the chance to meet other bereaved parents and families in a safe and loving and supportive environment. We hope to offer services of training on how to cope and create awareness of miscarriage and loss of a baby and offer additional therapy sessions amongst therapists in the area.

We are working with hospitals in the GTA as well to follow through on the incredible services they offer and donate monies to the hospitals to better the services already offered and provide feedback from patients on what worked well and what needs improvement so that other parents and families can continue to receive top quality care.

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